Amanda Leah (anaba_2) wrote in rosevillehigh,
Amanda Leah

"WHEN SCHOOL HURTS" usa today 4/10/01

You probably know but don't realize.
Let me put things into perspective:

-More than 160,000 children stay home from school each day because of verbal intimidation and put-downs by their peers.
-More than two-thirds of all our students are teased or gossiped about at school at least once a month.
-Almost one-third of students between grades six and ten (5.7 million children nationwide) have been bullied at school.
-Virtually all of the thirty-seven serious violent attacks in our schools between the years 1976-2001 were the direct result of verbal put-downs and intimidation.

Hal Urban
Postive Words, Powerful Results
1. Give encouragement.
2. Express thanks.
3. Acknowledge others.
4. Extend greetings.
5. Give a compliment.
6. Congratulate someone.
7. Teach, give instructions.
8. Offer words of comfort.
9. Inspire others.
10. Celebrate and cheer.
11. Inquire, express interest.
12. Mend relationships.
13. Make others laugh.
14. Show faith and trust.
15. Share good news.
16. Praise, honor, build up.
17. Express caring.
18. Show understanding and empathy.
19. Give approval.
20. Extend an invitation.
21. Show courtesy and respect.
22. Give advice and counsel.
23. Apologize.
24. Forgive.
25. Offer to help.
26. Tellt he truth.
27. Point out the good.
28. Use terms of affection.
29. Provide valuable information.
30. Communicate love.

Thank you for your time
Let us start making a difference
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