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Students & Alumni of Roseville High

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21st September 2007

industrykiller2:22pm: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

new ep comming

if you do art show us what you got... see your shit on a shirt or a cd cover.

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3rd January 2007

emptyfairytale9:31am: Knock Knock

Knock Knock!
Does anyone even post in here anymore?

<3 David

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25th August 2006

monsterxcore9:15am: Schedule


anything with me?
let me know :]

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24th August 2006

musicaltwin071:47pm: So yeah, my schedule...

1-Sociology, Czech
2-Novels, Torp
3-French 3, Batkins
4-Symphonic Band, Chesh
5-AP Bio, Mizinski
6-Calc, Gabbard.

Comment if you have classe w/ me. :)

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17th August 2006

chocolateboy4:30pm: Car for Sale
I have a '98 Sunfire with 74,000 miles which is really good for its age and the car itself is in good condition. Going for $3400, comment if you are interested or know someone who may be.
-Ashlee Stratakis

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25th July 2006

anaba_21:24am: "WHEN SCHOOL HURTS" usa today 4/10/01
You probably know but don't realize.
Let me put things into perspective:

-More than 160,000 children stay home from school each day because of verbal intimidation and put-downs by their peers.
-More than two-thirds of all our students are teased or gossiped about at school at least once a month.
-Almost one-third of students between grades six and ten (5.7 million children nationwide) have been bullied at school.
-Virtually all of the thirty-seven serious violent attacks in our schools between the years 1976-2001 were the direct result of verbal put-downs and intimidation.

Cheesy but Thought provokingCollapse )

Thank you for your time
Let us start making a difference

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10th July 2006

chunkychuy10:06pm: Does anybody know the number to call for the Roseville Scholorship? I still have to use that. Thanks.

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6th July 2006

ohno_doctor__10:56am: mrs. milligan told me to email her,
and well yeah i dont have her email address.

can someone please give it to me,
i need it asap.

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13th June 2006

chocolateboy6:14am: Can someone please leave me the number to call in order to verify the Roseville Scholarship? I somewhat lost mine. Shank you. -Ash STrat

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29th May 2006

enni8:49am: Hey all, former panther here. Just wondering when this year's seniors are getting out/graduate since I know it's coming up pretty soon.


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23rd April 2006

wajero_dancer12:44am: College
Anyone else going to Albion College next year? Probably not but just asking...

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20th March 2006

rweber12:56pm: Image hosting by Photobucket

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15th March 2006

zldrbhse10:04pm: Roseville Website
for those of you who dont know, the Roseville website is up and running, it includes this so far with many features being added

* Teacher Assignment Posting
* Teacher Document Posting
* WRHS News
* Student File Archive

On the website it says

"Now that our site is up and running, please help contribute to it by spreading the word. It is important that both teachers and students use this tool because of the benefits that it offers to both. "

Here is the link


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13th March 2006

stefffff10:21pm: Is anyone going to MSU next year?

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24th January 2006

musicaltwin079:31pm: Ok peer pressure wins once again...

1st hour: Physics-Mr. Scheff
2nd hour: French-Ms. Batkins
3rd hour: Trig. and Anal.-Ms. Hodge
4th hour: Sociology-Mr. Czech
5th hour: Symphonic Band-Chesh
6th hour: A.P. Comp.-Ms. Jordan (room 117! :/ )

classes with me?

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coconut_kitty5211:05pm: 1. u.s lit- ms.jordan
2. symphonic choir- ms.collins
3. astronomy- mr.sabo
4. varsity band- the chesh
5. 2nd extended alg.- mr.molnar
6. human bio.- mr. king.

anyone, anything?

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25th January 2006

4thofdecember12:32pm: classes
3rd-u.s. lit-blake
6th-human biology-king

tell me if you have anything with meeee! :)
Current Mood: creative

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28th February 2006

chocolateboy5:48pm: Possible Research Writing Topics
Which one(s) do you think would be interesting and easy to find loads of information about it? These are all ones I am considering.

-Are animals capable of thinking?
-Vegetarianism (healthier lifestyle)
-Should prayer be allowed in school?
-Should students be forced into learning a second language? At which Age?
-Cleaning up downtown Detroit (I think it's a huge waste to do so)
-Censorship in the media (Book banning)
-Should IQ tests be used to put students in certain classes?
-Animal Rights
-Homeless People
-Dress code in schools (Kids wearing hats for warmth)

Input would be appreciated. Thank-you

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6th February 2006

aloner9:26pm: To all the calc kids who don't have a graphing calculator . . .

Download that. It is like the basic calculator in windows, except it does graphs. It's nice.

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23rd January 2006

magicmessages11:03pm: 1. Trig & Anal. - Conway
2. Sym. Choir - Collins
3. Gym - Mr. Dedjsdjkajds
4. AP Comp - Blake
5. Anatomy & Phys - Wheeler
6. Jazz Band - The Chesh

Anyone have anything? (especially 3rd hour)

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j_clog11:29pm: × The Schedule.
× The Schedule.

× 1st - Vocke - World Literature
× 2nd - Mattison - Media Production II
× 3rd - Vercammen - Swimming/CPR
× 4th - Chesher - Aide
× 5th - Chesher - Symphonic Band
× 6th - Chesher - Aide

Got anything with me, let me know. :p

Joel ;)
Current Mood: bored

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24th January 2006

falln_str8:50am: Do you all think that we could start one post where everyone posts their schedules?? My friends page is annoying with all the schedules taking up most of the page. I'm sure other people are having the same problem...

Just a suggestion.
Current Mood: awake

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dancerslove111:40am: Math - Borrell
Biology - Zekind-weed
Basic Draft - Leahy
Gym - Danielewicz
Social studies - Mickens
English - Herbertson

Any one!?!

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xxheidi6:43pm: To all current and past AP Biology students:

For those of you in it now...are you even bothering to study for the mid-term, or relying on good ol' Miz's curve? I'm finding it extremely hard to take anything in.

And those of you who had it...is that the only thing to do on the mid term? Pray? What? Cause I am LOST.

Input is appreciated. :)

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23rd January 2006

twodollarsecret4:18pm: classes!
01 - writing workshop ; blake
02 - french 3 ; batkins
03 - u.s. lit ; hayward
04 - nutrion ed ; dzieciolowsk
05 - geometry ; borrell
06 - american gov ; pesek

got any with me? :)
let me know.
Current Mood: chipper

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